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I’m Nicole

Soul-Led Leadership Coach to Women in Midlife

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Compassionate, Confident, & Connected

Turn Your Inner Critic into Your Inner Guide

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Soul-Led (Verb):

Following your inner wisdom, intuition, and living in alignment with your values

Facing your fears and doubts with love and self-compassion.

Finally feeling like the REAL you after many years of trying to fit yourself into everyone else’s mold.

1:1 Coaching

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Group Coaching


Soulfilled Sisterhood

In-depth conversations with women for women. Whether you are an entrepreneur, leader, manager, highly sensitive professional, or introvert there is an episode for you. Listen to ways you can become Soul-Led and FulFilled in this stage of life.

About Me

Being a visionary comes naturally to me. Over almost two decades, I have worked with hundreds of women, just like you, where the old constructs and beliefs held them back from fully stepping into their power. 

I’m a bit of a misfit because I have been an Accountant in Corporate settings, I own my business, have conducted training for software platforms, traveled to various parts of the world, and have years of training as a transpersonal therapist turned Soul Led Coach.


“Nicole’s process made me dig deeper than any other work I had ever completed. Her passion in her work and compassion for her clients is nothing less than pure and amazing! She is there every single step of the way. I felt empowered and excited. And she called me out on my “fluff” in the most accepted and kind way when I needed it the most.

I  walked away believing in myself and with the tools to continue the work I started with Nicole.”

Laura McGee

“I was always blown away at the number of ‘ah-ha’ moments I would have in our sessions. I came to expect it! It was truly an act of self-care on my part to get to meet with you. I was able to be vulnerable in so many ways, but never felt stuck in it in our work. There was always a sense of moving forward with solid support in creative pursuits, practical steps, and a leveling up on how to approach life.

Laura Vaillancourt- Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Business Owner

“Before our collaboration, I was unfamiliar with the term “highly sensitive person.” 

I learned how to challenge my own thinking – that just because I think it, doesn’t mean it’s true. That has been powerful for me and is something I remind myself of often. I know now that my negative perceptions of myself usually aren’t completely accurate, and simply challenging those thoughts has been a positive practice for me.  

I gained practical tools like meditation, keeping a record of positive interactions related to my speaking, and making sure I take time to breathe.”  — Rachel M.

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Want to Turn Your Inner Critic into Your Inner Guide?