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3 Ways Being a Good Girl
Holds You Back in Business/Career
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Overwhelm to

Self Doubt to Confident

Self Sabotage to Capable

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Leadership Coach for Highly Sensitive Professional and High Achieving Women

Does any of this strike a chord?

You find yourself at a crossroad in your life.

You feel stuck or unsure which direction to turn.

Over the years you have been striving for perfection for fear of judgment, which has kept you overwhelmed.

You believe you are not enough.

You dream about being confident and calm

You are tired of waking up each night with the never-ending to-do list, things you do out of fear instead of joy. 

Sometimes you wonder if you can really have it all.

This is how I felt. 

Every day I meet women—powerful, glorious, sensitive, INTROVERTED women just like you—who are looking for a little direction and help with their life choices but they’re not sure who to ask.

That’s where I come in.

Whether it is work-life balance, ending the overwhelm and stressed out cycle or questioning “what is my purpose?”

I can help you gain a deeper understanding of the next chapter of your journey.

My name is Nicole Burgess.

I am a leadership & empowerment coach for introverted, sensitive and high achieving women.

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