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Now It’s Your Time.

Empowerment mentoring for introverted and sensitive women entrepreneurs. 

Nicole Burgess is a licensed marriage and family therapist and empowerment life coach to women
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You find yourself at a crossroad in your life and feeling stuck or unsure which direction to turn.

Over the years you have been striving for perfection because you fear you will be judged, which has kept you overwhelmed and believing you are not enough.

You dream about being confident and calm. Maybe you’ve given everything to your career or business and need to regain some balance. 

You are tired of waking up each night with the never-ending to-do list, afraid of losing your relationship with your partner or battling the self-doubt that keeps you stuck.  Sometimes you wonder if you can really have it all.

Does any of this strike a chord?

It does with me.  Because every day I meet women—powerful, glorious, sensitive, INTROVERTED women just like you—who are looking for a little direction and help with their life choices but they’re not sure who to ask. That’s where I come in. Whether it is the work-life balance, ending the overwhelm and stressed out cycle or questioning “what is my purpose?” I can help you gain a deeper understanding of the next chapter in your journey.

I’m Nicole. I’m here to tell you that you can ask for more.

I work with goal-oriented, high-achieving, and sensitive women – women just like you – who have spent their lives caring for others and have lost a piece of themselves along the way. I can help you strike a balance between empowering yourself and contributing to this world. Whether you have a clear vision of what you want from life, or you need some help discovering what you’re really capable of, I can help you:

  • Deeply explore and clarify your purpose and values
  • Feel more certain about your decisions and speak up
  • Negotiate boundaries for stronger, more grounded and authentic relationships
  • Combine all your strengths to create the balanced lifestyle you are passionate about
  • Reclaim your vitality and grow into new ways of being
  • Be a confident and inspiring role model for other females
  • Have more compassion for yourself and flourish

Stop postponing your happiness. Make. Life. Happen!

The work I do is transformational, in the sense that we dig deep and go right to the soul and heart of your situation. Next, we’ll create some simple and effective strategies for moving you gracefully from a place of overwhelm to a soul-warming place that tunes into your passions. It’s courageous work – I’ll invite you to bring all of you to get your life moving in the way you want (my heart tells me you will). I’ll ask you to step outside your comfort zone and get curious about how joyful your life could be. If you’re ready to take action, my vision is that you’ll know yourself deeper than when we started. You’ll leave our sessions empowered with perspective, and inspired to take action.

Sound good?

Then let’s get to it! All it takes is for you to book some time to talk about you. Schedule your free 45-minute breakthrough call to learn how we might work together. I can’t wait to see you on the other side!

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