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Dr. Ronald Callahan developed this method to cure phobias, fears, and anxieties in his Five Minute Phobia Cure. It was further developed and popularized by Gary Craig, Dawson Church,  Jessica and Nick Ortner, and others. Gary Craig called this system of emotional healing EFT Tapping or tapping.

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Steps in Managing Overwhelm

Five Steps in Managing Overwhelm Whether you are an entrepreneur, manager, and/or a parent being “overwhelmed” seems more of the norm these days vs living life on purpose. Two years ago I was making some changes in my business and added...

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Ending the Good Girl Mindset

You have been the good girl growing up and now that you are an adult woman you feel something is missing in your life. Maybe you feel anxious, disempowered, frustrated, and unheard by those around you. What does it mean to be a good girl? If you don’t follow the rules...

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