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Whether you are a licensed marriage and family therapist, social worker, mental health professional, highly sensitive woman, introvert, or looking to shift your mindset I encourage you to explore the courses I offer below.

Sometimes you want to work 1:1 with a coach, other times you want group support in working with like-minded women and other times you want to improve your skills at your own pace. Believe me I get it. We all have seasons of life we go through and need something specific during those times. Below are the courses I have created due to repeated questions and issues I have supported clients with over the last 15 years. I pull in my own knowledge and skills, past trainings, books, seminars, and more.


Course Offerings

Practical Profit for Psychotherapists

4 Modules + Resources + Bonuses

Graduate school does not teach you a money mindset or give the practical skills of managing finances for your business. You receive both mindset and practical skills in this course.

You also receive how to manage profit and cash flow which is vital for long term health of your business (and personal life).

Self-Care Summit: Improve Your Bottom Line & Your Personal Life

7 Videos with Coaches 

Listen in and find out how these amazing women entrepreneurs created and sustain their well-being all while being successful in their business. Nicole asks each of these coaches to share their tips and gifts which cover seven areas of women’s lives (relationships, health, creativity, spirituality, finances, fun, and personal development).

Electronic Health Record Paperwork

Downloadable Files for your business

These forms and documents are for you if you are using an electronic health record system. An informed consent that includes using telehealth, using health insurance or being out of network, social media policy, consent to treat a minor, and more.

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