Nicole Burgess has been a psychotherapist for over 15 years and is now coaching introverted passion-driven women in breaking free from perfectionism, demote their inner critic, and prevent burning out, so they have deeper relationship connections and abundance in life. 

She is a licensed psychotherapist and Empowerment Coach to HSPs and introverts. Life and Business Coaching services are available.

In this episode-Equality:

  • Celebrating Soulfilled Sisterhood’s 100th episode
  • Nicole’s previous podcast
  • First step is educating yourself in racism, white privilege, etc
  • Feminism with Joanne Bradshaw (episode 84)
  • Listening without judgment and learning/unlearning
  • Justice and equality
  • Ways HSPs can take action-see links below for more books, causes, etc
  • Being uncomfortable is a moment in time
  • Self-care in order for you to take action
  • Using your unique gift(s) to make changes
  • Perfectionism series (episodes 72 , 73 and 74)
  • Future episode on consciousness


Resources Mentioned: