Jacquie Nagy is the creator of the Authentic Life Mastery Program where teaches entrepreneurs how to grow their business with a heart-centered approach. Her cutting edge methods combined with NLP processes helps people release unconscious barriers to success and become autonomous self-leaders so they can live their dream!

Through coaching, training, and retreats she helps entrepreneurs clarify, embody, and empower their highest intentions to attract more clients, increase their income, and enjoy more abundance.

Jacquie is the founder and owner of Holistic Directions Inc., an International NLP Trainer, speaker, and coach. Since 2008 she has trained people to be Certified Classic Code, New Code, and Master Practitioners of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). She is also the creator of Graceful Autonomy™ – Tangible Practices to Be Courageously Confident, Congruent, & Resilient.

In this episode: NLP

  • Jacquie shares her path from traumatic childhood to burning out in her career to how she learned NLP
  • Her vision she had in first grade
  • What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and founding members
  • Jacquie believes parents, business owners, sales, and more can benefit from NLP
  • Self-hypnosis and deep therapy practices incorporate neuro-linguistic program practices
  • Many people are held back from trauma
  • Being grounded in the body
  • One value NLP gave Jacquie
  • Exercise to assist with decreasing overwhelm and increasing harmony in life
  • How to do your sales calls without anxiety
  • Power of body awareness and staying connected
  • Shifting perspective and self-compassion
  • How it is like improv acting/theater
  • How mirror neurons impact our relationships
  • Jacquie tasks coaching clients to take these skills into the community
  • Changing one human at a time
  • Jacquie shares her self-care routines
  • Intention setting and dream work
  • Anchoring into this one thing
  • What is future pacing
  • Self-reflection and contemplation episode 1
  • Celebrating your wins