Nicole Burgess is a leadership coach for highly sensitive high achieving women who go from controlled chaos to confidently calm. She helps them break free from perfectionism, self-doubt, and being stressed out. 

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In this episode-Leadership:

  • Conversation with other women on leadership from Mastermind group Nicole is in
  • Not following the conventional path and making unconventional choices
  • Leaders come from a place of inclusion-talk about the “hard topics”
  • Returning to your why and your passion
  • Having a healthy and strong support system
  • Taking time alone and how it improves leadership (Ep 1 Self-Reflection and Ep 105 Self-Care through Fiber Arts)
  • Creating and having time alone to build these skills
  • Growth vs Fixed Mindset
  • Leaders are about growing, learning, and reinventing yourself
  • Who do you listen to for feedback?
  • Continue to take small courageous steps (or bold leaps)
  • Definition of leadership

“Courage doesn’t always roar, sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying ‘I will try again tomorrow.’”-Mary Anne Radmacher (Author and artist)


“Integrity is chosing courage over comfort”-Brene Brown

Books Mentioned:

*Disclaimer-These are affiliate links to Amazon, which I receive a small portion from the sales. Proceeds received go toward helping make this podcast possible.

Elizabeth Gilbert-Big Magic

John Maxwell-Leader Shift and Good Leaders Ask Great Questions

Glennon Doyle-Untamed

Brene Brown-Dare to Lead

Carol Dweck-Mindset-The New Psychology of Success