Mytrae Meliana is a holistic psychotherapist, women’s empowerment and spiritual teacher, speaker, and channel. She mentors women to heal from trauma, detox from patriarchy, and claim their truth, power, heart, and purpose.

As the founder of the Temple of Sound Healing Mytrae also teaches health/wellness practitioners and social justice community leaders the science and practice of sound healing for their clients and communities.

Mytrae is a woman of color immigrant from India with her own story of healing and empowerment. She shares it in her memoir “Brown Skin Girl: An Indian-American Woman’s Magical Journey from Broken to Beautiful”.

In this episode: Sound Healing

  • Mytrae shares her personal journey of how she got into sound healing
  • Listening to her intuition
  • What began to happen with her clients?
  • What is sound healing?
  • The science and spirituality of sound healing
  • Stories from history where sounds were used
  • Universal law of vibration
  • There is no matter
  • Crystals and our bodies
  • Returning us to our natural states of alignment
  • How this type of healing can help with fears, gaining clarity, grief, worry
  • Letting go and knowing
  • Moving energy out of your body
  • How many sessions or time frame before a person begins to feel a shift?
  • Mytrae shares training other businesses and organizations to reach more people
  • The power of our voices
  • Ripple Effect of changemakers
  • Practical tip for how you can start with your voice and the charka you activate
  • Find your voice and step into your power
  • Who has inspired Mytrae
  • Mytrae’s self-care practice (Episode 19 also discuss self-care as an introverted entrepreneur)
  • Nicole throws a curveball and asks about her channeling
  • Her ten-year journey with Mother Mary
  • Reintegration with Spirit and her experience in Brazil