Liz Lewinson’s executive career spans public relations, Wall Street technology, and non-profit management. She is Vice President of The Frederick P. Lenz Foundation for American Buddhism.

She is the award-winning author of “American Buddhist Rebel,” “Women, Meditation, and Power,” and “The Power of the Loving Man.”  *

A long-time practitioner and teacher of meditation and mindfulness, she enjoys up-ending traditional, repressive views of the power of women and men. 

In this episode: Fluidity of Women

  • Liz shares how she became interested in the power of women
  • What a Buddhist teacher stated about women
  • How Liz defines power and it may be different than what you think
  • How women are more fluid, which is powerful
  • Leadership defined and characteristics
  • Observing Jacinda Arden-Prime Minister of New Zealand
  • When an obstacle comes onto your path you do this
  • The power of meditation as a leader
  • History of women being suppressed and repressed
  • Why women need to continue in positions of leadership
  • What is not leadership
  • Having support circle of positivity
  • Collaboration vs power over others
  • Change in fluidity definition
  • Reflecting on a past budget crisis
  • What are ways women can step more into being a leader?
  • What are you doing to build up your mental capacities?
  • Do a systems analysis on where your fears are
  • Why Liz thinks women need to be in technology vs careers involving touch
  • If you are feeling disempowered do this
  • Outgrowing those around you who attempt to hold you back due to doubt and fear
  • You are more powerful than your fear
  • Getting honest with yourself
  • Make a list!
  • Being an example and the various forms of leadership
  • From restless to stillness
  • If both men and women meditate what can change
  • Her vision of Women’s power is like a tsunami
  • Loving Kindness Meditation
  • What does Liz’s meditation practice look like
  • Anchoring your beginning and ending of the day
  • Charka clearing

Books Mentioned:

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American Buddhist Rebel,

Women, Meditation, and Power,

and The Power of the Loving Man