Nicole Burgess is a leadership coach for introverted and/or highly sensitive high achieving women who go from controlled chaos to confidently calm. She helps them break free from perfectionism, self-doubt, and being stressed out. 

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In this episode-: Sensitive Woman

  • Mini-break coming up in September
  • Top 5 downloaded episodes since 2018 (episode 76)
  • Are you a highly sensitive woman (episode 9)
  • Top 5 episodes in 2020
  • How to be a Spiritual Rebel (episode 83)
  • Childhood Emotional Neglect and being an HSP (episode 87)
  • How to Stay in Flow as an Empath and HSP (episode 104)
  • HSP Brain and Burnout Prevention (episode 102)
  • The Feminist Handbook (episode 84)
  • Creating a Lifestyle that works for you as a highly sensitive woman (episode 11)
  • How is your self-care practice going?