My guest today is Rebekkah LaDyne, MS, SEP. Rebekkah has spent twenty-five years in the field of embodied well-being.  After working in therapeutic mindfulness for 15 years, she studied Mind-Body Medicine at Saybrook University and conducted clinical research in Somatic Self-Regulation.  Based on her extensive research in mind-body medicine, her comprehensive training with SETI, and her decades of professional experience, she authored The Mind-Body Stress Resetwith a foreword by Kathy Kain and endorsed by Peter Levine. 

As a member of the US Association for Body Psychotherapy, a researcher, mind-body skills educator, and author, Rebekkah has supported thousands of people in increasing their mind-body wellness. 

Rebekkah works with all forms of trauma and dysregulation and is particularly skilled with anxiety, overwhelm, persistently high activation, and developmental trauma.  Before working as a SEP she spent ten years as the owner, director, and lead teacher for a large wellness center, then facilitated groups at world-renowned Spirit Rock Meditation Center, while also traveling to worldwide destinations teaching workshops and retreats. In addition to her book, she has recorded several wellness CDs, appears on the radio, and YouTube, and offers workshops internationally. She is in private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area and meets with clients online from all over the globe.  She lives with her husband and two daughters, and a puppy-dog.

In this episode: Mind-Body

  • Rebekka shares why she became a somatic therapist and writing her book
  • What is somatic work?
  • And how this type of work can relieve highly stressed women
  • The indicators of stress in the body
  • Difference between mindfulness and meditation
  • What are some indicators meditation is not working?
  • Negative bias vs positive experience
  • Scaling your stress
  • Parts of the brain and how breathwork impacts it
  • Rebekkah gives some highlights of different types of breathwork to reduce overwhelm, stress, and anxiety
  • Creating healthy habits and practicing these types of breathing
  • Building the bridge to recovery pathways
  • How this breathwork can benefit highly sensitive women
  • What does embodied mean?
  • How do you get out of tunnel vision?
  • How imagery can reduce or increase stress in our brain
  • Rebekkah shares her own personal experience
  • Recognizing it in your body vs “talk your way out of it” (Mind-Body connection)
  • Use of senses in self-regulation
  • What happens to our brain when stressed
  • Steps in creating positive imagery from a past image/experience
  • Rebekkah shares her self-care practices
  • What is the vegas nerve?
  • Listen to your OWN felt experiences: Mind-Body-Spirit connection

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The Mind-Body Stress Reset