Nicole Burgess is a leadership coach for introverted and/or highly sensitive high achieving professional women who go from controlled chaos to confidently calm. She helps them break free from perfectionism, self-doubt, and being stressed out. 

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In this episode: Holidays

  • Nicole shares past experience of holiday chaos in her clinical practice
  • How HSP women she is working with are doing this year celebrations differently
  • Are you honoring your sensitivities or doing it under obligation?
  • The women who work with Nicole often have this type of background
  • If have you have lost a loved one
  • Getting creative with ways to celebrate with family and relatives
  • Accepting the reality of what is occurring in our world
  • Choosing chaos or calm during the holiday season
  • Ask yourself what do you want and how do you want this holiday to look like
  • Power of saying No
  • Opportunity to end negative behaviors
  • Doing what works for you and your family
  • Build-in time to rejuvenate before/after
  • Are you asking for help? (Perfectionism episode 72)
  • Family members can project their feelings onto you
  • Celebrating in a way and being mindful of COVID
  • Being uncomfortable for a moment
  • Best interest of you and your family
  • Get to see how family and friends respond to your No or doing the celebrations differently
  • You are brave and courageous
  • Being soul-led vs allowing your fears to lead you
  • Leaving your old stories in the past
  • Getting curious and doing self-reflection (episode one)
  • 2020 has been a year of change and clarity
  • Depletion and overwhelm or Joy and thriving
  • Stay in your own lane