Nicole Burgess is a leadership coach for introverted and/or highly sensitive professional women who go from controlled chaos to confidently calm.

She helps them break free from perfectionism, self-doubt, and being stressed out. No longer be fear-driven and instead be soul led!

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In this episode: Vision

  • Nicole shares recent feedback from friends about her future dreams
  • Power of collages and vision boards
  • Why Soul?
  • Soul time or soul work  vertical connection vs horizontal connection
  • Nicole shares a dream from a few years ago and it coming to fruition with a local chapter of iHeart Radio group of women
  • Do you want to look at it daily or complete it then put it away?
  • Can be printed images or words or do a digital one
  • Capturing all aspects of your life
  • Message from spiritual teachers-Holding dreams close to heart and not sharing w others
  • Visual connection and others have written down and buried dreams

Action step:

  1. Decide whether you want paper or digital one
  2. Set aside time to get quiet over the next couple of weeks for this soul work (Episode One)
  3. Add images and words that resonate with you, that capture or create the intention of what you desire in your life
  4. Add images and words for all aspects of your life-financial, relationship, business/career, self-care, recreational, health, etc.
  5. Decide where to place it or put it in a safe place for your eyes only

Supplies Needed:

  • For paper vision board-poster board, construction paper, glue, scissors, magazines, photos, printed images from internet
  • Digital Vision Board: or another digital platform to contain all the images and words you want to have on it.