Nicole Burgess is a leadership coach for introverted (and extroverted too) highly sensitive professional women who love what they do professionally, but feel overwhelmed and stressed out. She helps them go from controlled chaos to confidently calm by coaching them how to break free from perfectionism, self-doubt, and habit of overwhelm. 

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In this episode: Extroverted

  • Highly sensitive people make up about 20 percent of population
  • Majority are introverted HSP, but this percentage is extroverted
  • As a Myers Briggs Type Indicator Practitioner-difference between extroversion and introversion
  • Common words/phrases I hear with my extroverted highly sensitive professional women
  • Dr. Elaine Aron’s HSP Quiz
  • Self-Care and Time Management required for all highly sensitive professionals
  • Perfectionism Series  (Episode 72, 73, and 74)
  • Understanding your mindsets
  • Reminder of the acronym D.O.E.S. and episode 9
  • There is nothing wrong with you
  • Simple self-care technique you can do at home or work
  • Being wired and fried at the same time
  • How much downtime do highly sensitive women need?
  • Not talking about high sensation seekers (HSS)

Action step: