Nicole Burgess is a leadership coach for highly sensitive professional women who love what they do professionally but feel overwhelmed and stressed out. She helps them go from chaos to calm, self-doubt to confidence, and getting in their own way to competent and capable.

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In this episode: Leadership

  • Leadership as an entrepreneur, for Fortune 500 company, a family or of one in a service-oriented business
  • Nicole put her anger into action (ep 122 3 Benefits of Anger)
  • Insurrection and domestic terrorism
  • Leadership is not this
  • Nicole shares her clinical work with people impacted by domestic violence
  • What is the power and control wheel?
  • Words we use matter
  • Perpetrators of violence can change if they do these things
  • Differences in protests and white privilege
  • Introverts and HSP make great leaders (episode 69)
  • Who are the leaders who inspire you?
  • Nicole shares female leaders she admires
  • What are healthy leadership skills?
  • Highly sensitive professional leaders do this well
  • Leadership is equality
  • How traveling improves accepting differences and growth
  • Looking for our commonalities vs seeking to divide
  • Stronger together

Action steps:

  • If you have teenagers at home have a dialog with them about their experience, how they define leadership, and ways to manage conflict
  • Explore your own beliefs on leadership. Are there any changes that need to be made?
  • Whether a leader of one or a leader of a team, ask your team or others how they think you are doing as a leader.

Be the change you wish to see in the world-Mahatma Gandhi