Belinda Farrell, author of the book Find Your Friggin’ Joy, graduated with a BA in Spanish and English from the University of California at Berkeley and is trained in hypnotherapy, past life regression, NLP, Hawaiian chanting, and ancient Hawaiian healing (Huna).

Belinda trained with Anthony Robbins (author of Unlimited Power) and has effectively used these skills in her own life. She has completed 18 firewalks.

When Belinda was forty-eight, she collapsed with herniated discs and spinal nerve damage. Threatened with paralysis by her medical doctors if she didn’t have surgery, Belinda instead chose to apply the ancient Hawaiian healing practices she had been learning the previous three years, which are covered in this book. Her back completely healed, including childhood scoliosis. For fifteen years she has been sharing these healing practices with others, offering Reconnective Healing and Huna classes and taking clients to Hawaii to teach Huna and swim with wild spinner dolphins.

(HUNA healing is) Clearing out the plaque of your soul – Belina Farrell

In this episode: HUNA Healing

  • What does HUNA mean?
  • What is ho’oponopono?
  • If you have learned it you can unlearn it
  • Going deeper into your subconscious
  • Belinda shares how she healed her back
  • Nicole shares Belinda’s professional varied background
  • What lead Belinda to learn HUNA after working with Tony Robbins
  • Why one of her CD’s got her banished from a group
  • Visions during breathwork that lead her to swim with the Dolphins and overcoming her fear of water
  • For over 20 years she lead groups and individuals to swim with the dolphins
  • What dolphins can teach humans
  • Connecting with animals
  • What does the 5th dimension or higher frequency mean?
  • Spirituality is part of a highly sensitive person’s life
  • Hawaiian’s call it this and why you want to “clean your unconscious”
  • Connecting emotions with your thoughts/visions
  • Laughing at the interruptions during our conversation
  • What laughter releases inside of us
  • HearthMath Institute and HRV
  • Power of faith
  • Belinda shares moving through grief after the death of her son
  • Staying open, curious, and coachable
  • Moving through a financial loss and how her grandson saved her
  • Just because you have a thought doesn’t mean it is true (Episode 17)
  • Using the four phrases of ho’oponopono
  • Belinda shares about her book Find Your Friggin Joy
  • Who has and continues to inspire Belinda
  • Saying Yes!
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