Jane Stafford has been sitting behind a loom since 1978. In the early years, Jane was a production weaver and sought-after workshop instructor, introducing countless weavers to the possibilities of color and design in cloth, while at the same time consulting closely in the design of the Louet Jane Loom (there’s a reason Louet’s table loom is named “Jane”), and helping thousands of weavers learn to use Louet looms on instructional DVDs.

For many years Jane taught exclusively in her studio on beautiful Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. Weavers came from all over the continent to attend JST’s famous weaving retreats, which contributed to Jane’s being named Teacher of the Year by Handwoven magazine in 2014.

In 2016 Jane created the JST Online Guild, a streamable weaving resource viewed by thousands of weavers around the world. The online guild is a resource that allows anyone, anywhere access to Jane’s workshops from the comfort of their own home.

In this episode: Business Lessons

  • Jane shares her journey of becoming a weaver and business owner
  • Nicole reflects Jane’s passion and joy coming through in her teaching videos
  • Encouraging her students to “play” and being curious in weaving (Business Lessons #1)
  • Making mistakes and how making this decision shifted her thinking
  • How repetition helped her develop a system
  • Insight into giving herself permission to play more with her work
  • Allowing herself to organically evolve
  • We learn and grow through others
  • Removing the right and wrong in everything (Business lessons #2)
  • Using critical thinking skills and thinking outside the box
  • How India and other cultures have shifted her beliefs (episode 17 Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs)
  • Mark Twain’s quote on travel
  • Jane shares her reason behind supporting two weaving businesses in India and Ethiopia
  • She shares facing her fears of traveling (Business Lessons #3)
  • Charllotte Kwon’s work on preserving dyes, textiles, and more 
  • Kathy Marshall’s work in Africa and preserving silk production (Jane’s blog link)
  • Humbling experience and perspective shift (Business Lessons #4)
  • Giving back and collaboration
  • Being an innovator in creating videos and online platform
  • Jane’s reason behind doing videos (Business Lessons #5)
  • Customers raving reviews
  • Jane’s “trick” when she is filming a video
  • Allowing her online guild to evolve and keeping it simple (Business Lessons #6)
  • Having a team to bring ideas to fruition
  • Being clear on her mission
  • Jane being open to suggestions and allowing ideas to percolate (Business Lessons #7)
  • Having a bigger reach and not burning out
  • Who inspires Jane

Other Resources Mentioned

Charllotte Kwon, founder of Maiwa Handprints and the Maiwa Foundation

Sabhar-Fair Trade, Ethiopian Textiles