My guest today is Cindy Stockdale. I was introduced to Cindy’s work by a friend and colleague Jennifer Freeman who was a previous guest on episode 56.

Cindy’s passion in life is to explore the great mystery and to connect deeply with others. These desires have led her to degrees in Psychology and Archaeology as well as in-depth study of yoga, nutrition, and most recently Shamanism and Astrology.

Cindy has been teaching yoga for over 15 years and exploring Shamanism for over 13. These mystery schools are essentially journeys of remembering; there is a call that is answered and through practice, an incredible truth is revealed and ultimately the remembrance of unity, wholeness, and love.

Cindy’s call is to create a strong, loving space for others so that they may unveil their deepest truths and then reflect these back to them so they may rise. She loves understanding how Astrology, ancestry, and the soul’s purpose all interact with one another to create the stage for which this takes place and is honored and humbled to bear witness to this inner unfolding.

Cindy Stockdale-Energy Artist, Lightworker, and Coach




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In this episode: Reclaiming Power

  • Cindy shares her journey on why she does energy work, being intuitive and empath
  • What drew her learning shamanic work (Medicine Wheel)
  • Conforming to cultural norms vs supporting children to adults in trusting their intuition
  • Playing small and negative impact of perfectionism and people-pleasing
  • Defining channeling and use of language
  • Act of power for women and “disobedience”
  • Role modeling to younger girls how to stay in your own power
  • Social media, body image, and dismantle the patriarchy
  • Healing of boys and men
  • Power of sisterhood and making changes
  • Common issues Cindy works on in her energy work
  • Asking how do I betray myself?
  • Being a good girl (episode 2), being a good mother, and living incongruently
  • Returning to your body and an act of power
  • Symptoms that cloak the core woundings
  • Creating mistrust with our bodies
  • An exercise to regain trusting your intuition and body connection
  • Examples of women ignoring their body
  • Doing it all and the hidden tasks of women and the shoulds for women
  • Asking for help is an act of courage
  • Supporting your inner knowing coming forward and trusting your insight-reclaiming power
  • Fear driven behavior and learning how to connect to self
  • Amount of mental energy used when fear-driven
  • Putting things into perspective of why you want others to like you
  • Investing in your own self-care
  • Areas impacted in women’s businesses when they invest in themselves
  • Manifesting vs having clogs in your river
  • Being energetically aligned with your rates
  • Learning to negotiate
  • Every woman needs a support system
  • Not in true energetic serve unless you are in abundance
  • Self-compassion when you return to “the same issue”
  • Wound of separateness
  • Cindy’s self-care practices