Lucinda Testo is a Certified Clini-Coach® and the Divorced Mom Life Coach, and she helps moms define their new identity and reclaim their awesomeness after divorce!

Lucinda transitioned to life coaching after more than 17 years in the mental health field as a licensed psychotherapist.

Not only has Lucinda worked with divorced moms in her psychotherapy private practice, but she has been divorced herself.

She has realized that it is her passion and calling to help divorced moms move on after divorce so that they can create kick-ass lives.

Lucinda Testo-CliniCoach®, Divorced Mom Life Coach


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FREEBIE-Six Ways To Start Moving The F*ck on After Divorce

In this episode: Divorce

  • Lucinda shares her own journey about divorce
  • Common fears and concerns women have about marriages ending
  • Lucinda shares a spiritual reframe in helping women move past the fears
  • Leaning into the pain and getting out of stuckness
  • She shares her MOVE ON METHOD in coaching
  • Making yourself a priority
  • Parenting needs after a split up
  • Lucinda shares 3 top things that helped her through
  • Incorporating this journaling process with her children
  • Doing this one thing gave Lucinda a focus and purpose
  • Neuroscience behind the journaling practice
  • Giving yourself permission to have up and down moments
  • Shifting the inner story of how divorce will impact your children
  • Grief is part of the process
  • Shame vs guilt defined
  • Ways to work with shame and shadow (episode 8)
  • Practicing self-love (episode 49)
  • Getting clarity in type of partnership for the future
  • What Lucinda wishes she knew after divorce that she knows now
  • Getting remarried
  • Your take away message after a divorce
  • Lucinda shares her personal self-care practices