Jennifer Wolkin, Ph.D. (known more commonly as Dr. Jen) is a New York City-based licensed clinical neuropsychologist, writer, speaker, and mental health advocate.

She runs a private practice with an appreciation that our mind, body, brain, and spirit are intimately intertwined and impacted upon by one another.

She draws from such tools as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based techniques, the creative arts (including music), and biofeedback training.

She is currently pursuing her master’s in creative writing with a poetry focus.

Dr. Jen writes poetry inspired by the brain (she likes to call this neuropoetry!), drinks iced coffee all year long, plays guitar, and swoons from any note of a folk song. She loves writing for and being with her Instagram community.

Jennifer Wolkin PhD, licensed clinical neuropsychologist, writer, and speaker




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In this episode: Chronic Stress

  • Jen shares why she wrote her book
  • How she decided to pick the various practices in the book
  • What does it mean to rewire our brain for wellness-deep dive into the brain
  • Impact on the brain with chronic stress
  • Why practicing mindfulness and meditation are important
  • Jen shares how her practice has helped her as she promotes her book
  • The power of 5 minutes a day
  • Being mindful in everyday activities
  • Choosing between the 30 different practices
  • Informally practicing mindfulness vs formally
  • Living mindfully becomes a value
  • Not taking conversations and activities for granted
  • Mindfulness improves not alone brain function but health
  • How intentional living and listening can shift you from reacting to responding (episode 45)
  • Closed hand and open hand analogy
  • Purposeful awareness
  • Over functioning and codependency (episode 138)
  • Fear of learning and leaning into our selves
  • Reconnecting your mind and body together
  • Unraveling in midlife (episode 23)
  • Why Jen started her mindfulness practice
  • Helped her tap into her own intuition
  • 25 years of dealing with endometriosis
  • Intuition vs fear (episode 130)
  • Who has inspired Jen


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Quick Calm: Easy Meditations to Short-Circuit Stress Using Mindfulness and Neuroscience