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Lindsay McCarthy is a wife and homeschool mom of two kids. She is the co-author of The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families and creator of GratefulParent.com where she blogs. She grew up in Pennsylvania and now splits time between there and the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. She enjoys writing, gardening, and playing field hockey. Lindsay loves to travel and one of her favorite trips was her honeymoon to Curacao (cure a sew) and Bonaire (Bon- Air) where she and her husband became certified scuba divers.

In this episode:

  • Lindsay shares how she and her husband became the co-authors of the Miracle Morning for Parents and Families
  • Original Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod
  • What Life SAVERS means
  • The trial and error process she and her husband went through with their children as they honed in on their morning rituals
  • The evolution of bringing the kids into the process and shifted the categories to be more child appropriate
  • How renaming chores decreased objections from her children
  • Early teachings of being of service and increasing empathy and compassion skills
  • Lindsay’s inspired sleep state poems in using SAVERS for kids
  • Power of self-reflection in beginning your day and it’s impact on your parenting
  • First step is to make a commitment to creating a morning ritual
  • The power of being a unified couple in changing habits
  • Importance of accountable partners
  • How the CHARMS tracker assisted in the beginning and changed their conversations
  • Living and role modeling their values with their children and helping teach their children in taking responsibility for their choices
  • Developing emotional intelligence from a young age
  • Her recommendation for couples to improve your communication skills
  • The 3 P’s in exceptional parenting
  • Giving yourself grace when beginning the process as a new mom, parent, and woman
  • Having flexibility in life

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