Nicole Burgess is a Soul-Led Leadership Coach for high-achieving women in midlife.

Women who are feeling stuck and unfulfilled and wondering how to find meaning and learn to listen to their inner wisdom.

Their soul’s whispers.

If this sounds like you then you are in the right place. I love hearing from my listeners. You can now leave me a voice message.

In this episode: Soul-Led

  • What does it mean to be soul led?
  • Nicole shares her personal path
  • Discerning between intuition and fear (episode 130)
  • Common fear I hear from women
  • Midlife crisis for women looks different than man (episode 23)
  • Quote from Carl Jung and self reflection (episode 1)
  • Costs of not doing soul time
  • Each of us has a unique journey
  • Fully growing up is spiritually growing up and taking 100% responsibility for yourself
  • Explore why you believe what you believe
  • What gets in the way of women going within
  • Step into your own inner power
  • What are the values that guide your life

Action steps:

  • What stops you from spending time with yourself?
  • What is it costing you?

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