Nicole Burgess is a Soul-Led Leadership Coach for high-achieving women in midlife.

Women who are feeling stuck and unfulfilled and wondering how to find meaning and learn to listen to their inner wisdom.

Their soul’s whispers.

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In this episode: Chaos

  • Are you choosing chaos?
  • Codependency episode 138
  • Grow up in home with addiction, severe mental illness, neglect
  • CEN episode 87
  • We live in a fast paced world, yet you may be in self-preservation mode vs thriving
  • Are you living in alignment with what you want?
  • Do you create your own chaos?
  • How is busyness serving you?
  • Nicole shares a personal example of how she creates chaos
  • Self Preservation and giving your power away
  • Are you voicing what is working/not working with others and yourself?
  • What about your professional life?
  • Is your “stuff” creating psychological overwhelm? (episode 43)
  • Do you have piles of paper like Nicole?
  • Is the chaos assisting you in avoiding?
  • What do you imagine would happen if you took your inner power back?
  • Living in “controlled chaos”
  • How often do you give yourself permission to be with yourself?

Action steps:

  • Where is there chaos in your life? (With work, family/friends, environment)
  • What can you change?
  • What is it teaching you about yourself?

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