Nicole Burgess is a Soul-Led Leadership Coach for high-achieving women in midlife.

She helps women in midlife listen to their soul’s whispers, so they can live a fulfilled and meaningful life.

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In this episode: Balance

  • Nicole shares her podcast journey and recent reflection of her logo
  • The Wheel of Life or Wheel of Balance tool used by coaches
  • Divine guidance
  • Soulfilled Sisterhood logo has 8 women in a circle which coincide with 8 areas of a woman’s life
  • Goals created by women in coaching
  • Are you living in alignment?
  • When the area is in balance you are standing in your power (empowered)
  • Course for psychotherapists
  • Money mindsets (episode 34 and 36)
  • Romantic relationships (episode 15, episode 30)
  • Nicole’s fun and her hobby (episodes 105 and 132
  • Is there a specific area that is off?
  • Are beliefs holding you back?
  • Fear of taking up space?
  • Worried about saying No to others? (Episode 12 and Sharon has a new workbook coming out)
  • Staying open and curious in challenging old inner stories or not knowing
  • Standing in your truth

Action steps:

Find out which animal represents your Inner Power in this quick quiz. If you want more tips and information you can sign up at the end of the quiz.