Nicole Burgess is a Soul-Led Leadership Coach for high-achieving women in midlife.

She helps women in midlife listen to their soul’s whispers, so they can live a fulfilled and meaningful life.

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In this episode: Regrets

  • As the world opens up more fears are arising about returning
  • Nicole shares how and why she wanted to speak about regrets
  • She shares a personal moment with her Dad
  • How does regret prevent you from living?
  • Death is an unpopular topic in our culture
  • What wakes women up in midlife?
  • Colleagues who have lost family and friends to COVID and sharing their experiences.
  • Past conversations with Tamara Powell (now Driskel) she shared her morning process
  • Living more intentionally
  • What is that one thing I do today to make my life more meaningful?
  • Nicole shares a lesson she learned from Caroline Myss’ book
  • Are old beliefs/old stories holding you back in regrets (Ep 17: Breaking through Limiting Beliefs)
  • Gifts of being in midlife
  • Practices you can do each day to be present, in gratitude, and in your power (Ep 143: Living Life in Balance and In Your Power as a Woman )
  • Nicole states a disclaimer and put the responsibility on you if make this choice.
  • Are you living a soul led life?

Action steps:

  • If you knew you had 5 years left to live what if anything would you do differently? What about 10 years?
  • Is there an action step you can take today that gets you one step closer to that dream/desire? (Examples: Applying for a leadership position,  retiring in 10 years, etc)
  • Where do you need to forgive yourself for past mistakes?
    • Example: Your teen comes home after curfew and you yelled at them

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