Caroline Wood is an introvert who supports other introverts to build successful businesses that work for them rather than take over their lives.

She does this by helping them put in place great business models and demystifying the numbers.

Caroline is a corporate escapee having spent 20 years working as a chartered accountant working for large businesses and not for profits.

She has wound her way around the world working in Australia (her home country), the UK, Namibia, and Laos.

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In this episode: Business Systems

  • Caroline shares her journey from working in Corporate to creating her own business
  • Different environments for introverts
  • A couple of ways introverts can protect their energy
  • Top 3 struggles introverted women entrepreneurs experience
  • Why business systems are important for your temperament and energy
  • Marketing and previous guest Sarah Santacroce (episodes 42 and 127)
  • Myth that you have to work with everyone
  • Boundaries (episode 12)
  • Why Caroline took FB messenger off her phone
  • Being clear with expectations
  • Lessons Caroline has learned about herself and being an entrepreneur
  • How she does networking differently
  • Power of collaboration and serving
  • Brain science and Pomodoro Technique How women do a disservice to ourselves
  • Options to reduce interruptions by others
  • Reasons (and misinformation) other introverts building businesses that work for them?
  • Actions steps to decrease the fears
  • Experience of COVID and introverts
  • How to bring in people to support your business
  • Why outsourcing is better
  • Listening and honoring your personality (your soul’s callings)
  • Empowering women in knowing their numbers and gaining the skills
  • Where fears around money can stem from for women
  • Showing women pricing and profit skillset
  • Nicole shares her results from Caroline’s quiz
  • How you can get tips from Caroline to be more in alignment with your temperament and values
  • Unlearning messages about introversion and extroverts
  • Caroline shares her self-care practices and why she has “different” weekend days

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