Nicole Colleen is a Sex and Intimacy Coach and Licensed Psychotherapist with over a decade of experience in the field of couples and relationship work. 

Her mission is to support couples in undressing intimacy issues and turning on the pursuit of passion in their relationships. 

From Nicole’s personal experience in her own relationship as well as her experience in working with hundreds of couples, she finds that all of us struggle in our intimate lives at one point or another. 

She works with individuals and couples to level up their love lives by providing a unique approach to education and action! 

Nicole starts from the foundation of self intimacy and works with couples to build upon taking ownership of individual pleasure, communicating one’s needs, exploring various types of intimacy, and providing exercises and step-by-step strategies to help every couple achieve their intimate goals both in and outside the bedroom!

In this episode: Intimacy

  • Nicole shares her journey in becoming an expert in relationships and intimacy
  • Some pivotal memories in her journey
  • How is coaching different than therapy
  • What issues do high achievers struggle with regarding intimacy?
  • Success and Surrendering how do they go together?
  • What stops women from sharing their needs with their partners?
  • Breaking through societies message about being desirable vs this
  • Bringing the sizzle back and how it can improve your professional life
  • Education around sex and pleasure-not only for women
  • What are some of the emotions that come up for women in their relationship and intimacy?
  • Ways to move through shame
  • Nicole shares a personal struggle and how she moved through it with her husband
  • Common question Nicole gets about sex
  • Ways age, health, and stress can impact your libido
  • Tips for how women can begin to initiate conversations about intimacy
  • Nicole shares what she wishes she knew that she knows now
  • Ways women can get curious about their own needs
  • Nicole’s passion and her partnership with her husband
  • She shares her current self-care practices

“Sex isn’t that great anyway and chocolate cake is much better” told by a family member to Nicole!!!

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