Nicole Burgess is a Soul-Led Leadership Coach for high-achieving women in midlife.

She helps women in midlife listen to their soul’s whispers, so they can live a fulfilled and meaningful life.

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In this episode: Story

  • Moving to every other week or twice a month
  • Nicole role modeling self-care
  • Share your thoughts with Nicole about the podcast and topics you want to hear more on
  • Mindset vs Soul Work
  • Observing your thoughts vs attaching to them
  • Are you over-identifying with your story?
  • No longer allowing your past run your future
  • Byron Katie’s 4 questions
  • Life mirror’s what is happening from within you
  • How would your life be different if you spent time with yourself
  • Journal prompts from Catherine’s book (episode 133)
  • How old outdated stories mess up relationships, finances, leadership

Action steps:

Resources Mentioned:

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Bryon Katie: Loving What Is *

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