Lynn Catalano is a licensed attorney in New York State but chose to pursue other opportunities. The chance to build a new hospital foundation emerged and her fundraising career was born.

After 16 years building that foundation, she went on to a large community foundation assisting donors to become the architect of their legacy. Lynn realized she missed the gratification of local philanthropy in her community and assisting the needs of another hospital foundation.

Today, she has pivoted to speak to groups of all sizes to share experiences and help people rise above the chaos. Lynn loves to share stories about great leaders and toxic bosses. Lynn loves spending time with her family, traveling, antique hunting, and playing Bananagrams.

In this episode: Toxic Bosses

  • Lynn shares her personal experience of her Dad being a narcissist and her experiences at jobs
  • Lynn discusses her father’s behaviors after her mom died
  • Her working through the hurt and loss
  • The shocking example of what her Dad did to her professionally
  • Signs of toxic bosses or narcissist behaviors in the workforce, such as gaslighting, minimizing or denying their behavior, micromanaging
  • How their behaviors can put a company/business at risk
  • Reacting vs Responding (Emotional Intelligence episode 45)
  • Steps you can take if you are unable to leave the organization
  • Classic personality trait is lack of empathy
  • Making yourself a valued employee/team member
  • Lynn’s shares her insights and how she shifted how she views toxic bosses
  • She shares her self-care practices
  • Lynn states her upcoming book

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