Linda Webb Linda, HCM, CAP is an ex-corporate executive turned Ayurvedic Practitioner with 17 years experience in healthcare, diagnostics, and biotech specific to chronic disease detection and prevention.

She went back to obtain her masters’ degree in healthcare management.

Throughout her own health journey discovered holistic modalities that healed her personally after years of burnout and health challenges.

Years later she left Corporate America to go towards my passion of holistic approaches merging this ancient science of Ayurveda to heal and help individuals rediscover true health.

In this episode: Ayurvedic Medicine

  • Linda shares her personal health issues and why she left Corporate America and became an Ayurvedic Practitioner
  • Women advocating for themselves and autoimmune illnesses
  • Linda shares her advocacy work for patients
  • What is Ayurvedic medicine or practices?
  • How does Ayurveda work with different body types?
  • What is prakruti?
  • How Linda works with women and their imbalances
  • The elements in the world are inside of us
  • What are some preventive measures for highly sensitive and empathic who are high achievers
  • Ending the people-pleasing (episode 73, episode 94 and episode 102)
  • If anxious there are some herbal remedies
  • Why routines are part of Ayurveda
  • Why having a guide is important
  • Power of synchronicities
  • Previous episodes (116 and 117) on advocating for yourself and Linda shares tips on how you can take steps in your wellbeing
  • How self-care can save you money!
  • Linda shares importance of her spiritual practice and self-care with her health
  • How meditation assist with non-attachment to our emotional reactions and thoughts
  • Final thoughts from Linda on Ayurveda medicine

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