Hear how spirituality and business are not mutually exclusive with my next guest.

Keira Poulsen is a mother to 5 children, an intuitive spiritual entrepreneurship coach, 2 x author, and CEO of Freedom House Publishing Co. She is also the podcast host of The Awaken Podcast.

Keira helps women who feel inspired to make a huge impact in the world write transformative books of light. She teaches them how to receive their book with spiritual tools that allow for the creation of the book to come through in under 2 months’ time. Keira then helps them create successful businesses of light, derived from the message of their book.

It is her deepest belief that women who are receiving powerful messages of truth from the Divine are here to share these messages through published books and create powerful and successful businesses of light that will impact humanity for the better!

In this episode: Spirituality and Business

  • Keira shares her journey from a young entrepreneur and her spiritual awakening to coaching
  • How the awakening process is an on-going process
  • What are top five issues she hears from her female clients that holds them back
  • One of Keira’s gifts
  • Facing fears on being seen and heard (episode 39)
  • Opportunities await in shadow work (episode 98)
  • Lessons learned about being a spiritual entrepreneur
  • Staying open to receive
  • Other themes that get in way of women creating a business or growing a business
  • Creating a higher vibrational state for you and your business
  • Doing what you love because life is precious
  • Non traditional ways Keira supports women in business- spirituality and business are not mutually exclusive
  • Who and what have inspired Keira
  • Keira shares how her publishing company was created
  • Her 9 year old daughter has written a book

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