Returning guest, Sharon Martin, LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist in San Jose, CA, specializing in helping individuals struggling with perfectionism, codependency, and people-pleasing.

Her own struggle to feel “good enough”, inspired her passion for helping others learn to accept and love themselves.

Sharon is the author of The Better Boundaries Workbook and The CBT Workbook for Perfectionism.

Her work has also been featured in various media outlets including Psychology Today, Highly Sensitive Refuge, Web MD, and Psych Central.

In this episode: Boundary Setting

  • Sharon states two main reasons why she wrote this workbook
  • Our previous conversation on Boundaries for Introverts (Episode 12)
  • How boundary-setting helps decrease perfectionism, people-pleasing, and codependency
  • How Sharon decided on the areas she did for the workbook (work, parenting, relationships, etc)
  • Boundaries, self-care, and highly sensitive person
  • Being an HSP and how your boundaries can look different
  • Sharon’s work as a supervisor and supporting supervisees preventing burnout
  • Being mindful of working from home and creating limits to prevent depletion as a helping/serving professional
  • Nicole shares a recent presentation to HR professionals and how to protect themselves from burnout and compassion fatigue
  • Why set boundaries?
  • Myths about boundaries
  • The constructs around women thinking setting limits are “mean”
  • What is assertive communication?
  • When you behave different expectations from others may cause confusion or conflict
  • What to do when others do not accept your changes
  • Experiencing boundaries on the other side
  • Sharon shares her experience on setting boundaries when writing this book and her private practice
  • Intention and time limits
  • Where you can buy the workbook

**Disclaimer: I am an Amazon Affiliate which means I receive a small portion of the revenue if you purchase from the affiliate links. This helps me produce this podcast.

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