Bonnie Hagemann is a renowned expert in visionary leadership and workforce trends.  She is the CEO of EDA, Inc. premium human capital brand with a powerful CultureTech platform that is designed to make culture visible and executive development services including executive and high-potential development, succession planning, C-Suite coaching, board evaluations, and creating compelling cultures that last.

She is a published author of 3 books and is often called on for leadership strategy by organizations and as a subject matter expert for the media including MarketWatch, Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, US News and World Report, and many more.

She is a gender-equality advocate, a member of the business council for the global illuminator,, and co-founder and co-chair of WomenExecs on Boards.

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Our goal is to leave the ladder down and reach down — Bonnie

In this episode: Women

  • Bonnie shares a professional experience at Harvard with Lisa (co-author of the book) and why they created their network of over 200 women leaders
  • The why behind the book
  • The women’s stories who didn’t make the book are on their podcast
  • Areas focused on in this book
  • If you want to do a book club there are book guides
  • Bonnie shares her story which is in the book and the questions they ask women
  • Bonnie states being a “workaholic”, where it stems from, and how it has impacted her health
  • Being open to receiving support from friend/colleague
  • Burning out and her worrying about not recovering
  • Using a Jewish practice of sabbath to assist in work-life balance
  • Becoming more mindful and being out in nature for self-care
  • Being a highly sensitive person (episode 9) and needing 2 hours of downtime
  • Some recommendations for downtime without screens
  • Slow startups for HSPs and Empaths
  • Book shares various challenges women have faced
  • Showing up and being vulnerable as a leader
  • Feeling supported as you climb the ladder, earn more money, and become the leader you desire
  • The dedication from the book
  • Stretching physically and professionally
  • This book is for women and men-helping end discrimination and recognizes our own biases.
  • Growth mindset
  • Women on WallStreet
  • Resiliency and Choosing the Right Partner
  • What to do if you choose to stay in an unequal partnership
  • Who has inspired Bonnie

Resources Mentioned:

Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds by David Goggins *

Bonnie and Lisa are offering 2 things:

  1. A complimentary copy of the 2021 Trends in Executive Development research to benchmark your organization and
  2. An author talk to kick off your corporate bookclub if you choose one of our books Leading with Vision or The Courage to Advance

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