Nicol Stolar-Peterson who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Board Certified Diplomate of Clinical Social Work.

Nicol is an expert witness, child custody evaluator, and mompreneur. She worked for CPS (child protective services) for 11.5 years, has two girls ages 7&10, a husband, a private practice, a non-profit business, and she sells skincare. She coaches other women on the benefits of being your own boss.

Nicol is literally an expert in child custody and child abuse. Since that can be heavy, she really enjoys her side-biz and helping others build a business around their lives.

In this episode:

  • Nicol shares her journey in creating business and family life harmony
  • Her motto: “Do it scared anyway”
  • How Dave Ramsey impacted her life and creating a home business
  • Exploring what does your Perfect Day look like? (From ZynnyMe training)
  • How becoming an entrepreneur created more flexibility-being a mompreneur
  • How variety has helped Nicol with balancing the more emotionally heavy job tasks
  • Creating your perfect day becomes your goal and action steps
  • Breaking free from shame and giving yourself permission to change your mind
  • Nicol shares her family history and support from parents
  • The power of residual income
  • Role modeling and teaching her daughter’s business and managing money
  • Mommy shaming and finding other women who support you
  • (Re)learning to trust your gut or intuition
  • Reaching out to other professionals who specialize in specific areas for support
  • Women and Money Mindsets
Nicol Stolar-Peterson is a LCSW, multi business owner, coach, and mompreneur


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I have read and recommended these books as well to clients.