Host, Nicole Burgess, shares where and how limiting beliefs develop plus how you can break through them.   Learn how your subconscious can be sabotaging your thoughts and behaviors. How self-reflection, awareness, and spirituality can change your vibrational energy and allow life to have more flow and ease.

In this episode:

  • Conscious vs subconscious mind
  • The conscious mind is the frontal lobe that is fully developed by mid-twenties
  • Subconscious mind born with it and it has no filter
  • Age where limiting beliefs develop
  • Where do limiting beliefs come from
  • How you respond to an event and the impact of perceptions (your own unique filters)
  • What you focus on or feed you become or do. Choose which belief you want to feed-positive one or the negative one.
  • How self-reflection can increase awareness and change your beliefs (episode 1)
  • Connection to God/Source/Universe
  • Changing your vibrational level and the law of attraction
  • To create the change you have to take ACTION
  • Being the adult woman vs good girl (episode 2)
  • Three steps to begin your transformation

Examples limiting and new beliefs:

Shawn broke up with me-I must not be loveable.”-Limiting Belief

“Shawn broke up with me-we must not be well suited for each other. I’ll keep dating and searching for my ideal mate.”-New Belief

“I can’t manage money.”-Limiting Belief

“I am learning about managing money and I am open to receiving it.”-New Belief

Nicole Burgess-Empowerment Mentor, Licensed Psychotherapist, and CEO



Learn how Tapping or EFT can help break through limiting beliefs through this video!