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Maureen Werrbach, LCPC, who is a therapist and owner of Urban Wellness, a counseling group practice in Chicago. She started Urban Wellness in 2012, which has grown into a team of 20+ clinicians with multiple locations. Maureen is also the owner of The Group Practice Exchange (TGPE), a coaching business and platform for current and aspiring group practice owners. TGPE provides guidance for starting a group practice, as well as marketing, organizational structuring, business development, and leadership advice. Maureen also co-owns Group Practice Builders, a company that travels around the US providing in-person group practice building trainings and conferences.

We discuss self-care as business owners and women. Self-care continues to get a bad rap of being “selfish” for women in general. Taking care of you is a necessity, otherwise, it can lead to burn out and health, sleep and relationship issues. Remember you are a role model to those you care about and you show them that it is okay and normal to have YOU time. Ladies, together we can break the myth of putting yourself last on the list is the way to go. That scarcity or fear mindset can keep you playing the martyr or victim. Be the best you by establishing self-care habits.

In this episode:

  • Maureen shares her personal process of building her business and how solo work is within her superpower of introversion
  • We are all a work in progress in finding our balance
  • Maureen discusses her indicators of needing to pause or slow down when in “overdrive”.

“It stops being fun is one indicator for me.”

  • Her process in shifting her mindset about delegating or outsourcing parts of her business
  • Learning to let go of perfection-progress over perfection
  • Her ultimate goal of her businesses being self-sustaining vs her being in it every day
  • Growth process both personally and professionally
  • Establishing and setting me time, family vacations, and couple time each year-Being intentional on how she designed her businesses around what she values in life
  • When she was a solo practitioner and shifting her late hours, which changed her thought process for future businesses
  • Women who have inspired Maureen