Lisa Lewis is the CEO of So Much More: Career Coaching, a company helping multi-passionate and ambitious individuals create the careers they’ve been dreaming about.

She’s experienced in managing career transition herself. Her path evolved into coaching after working in digital marketing for nearly a decade. In her tenure in communications, she discovered her skill and passion for coaching as she ran the mid-level employee happiness and retention initiative and the women’s empowerment program. She has worked and interned in many different organizations, including the American Cancer Society, Teen Vogue, the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship and CBS.

Lisa is from Boulder, Colorado and received her bachelor’s degree in economics from Barnard College in New York City.

In this episode-Career:

  • One core question Lisa works with a lot is staying true to your introverted personality vs being a chameleon
  • Not sure if you are an introvert or not? See Resources below.
  • Discerning the external vs internal messages
  • Lisa shares how her mentor helped her step more into her strengths
  • Creating goals to embrace your strengths and in serving others
  • Tips on using your introversion superpower in the workforce and setting yourself up for success
  • One of the strengths of introversion is “being thoughtful about follow up”
  • Challenging the “talk track” of the negative self-talk to gain confidence and play big
  • Discerning when to tell fear to take a hike and when to utilize it
  • Networking as an introverted business owner
  • Selling your services or products with joy-two strategies
  • She works with professional women who are driven and analytical and adds some fun back into their lives with her special gift to them
  • Changing the lens of how you see networking
  • What has helped support Lisa through her own transitions and changing her mindset blocks
  • You are divinely designed, introverted woman

Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link, which means I receive a small portion of the proceeds. The proceeds are applied to the cost of creating, editing and maintaining the podcast. I recommend books, podcasts, etc that I trust and/or have read or used in my own life. As a graduate student two of my teachers where John Firman and Ann Gila who worked directly with Robert Assagioli.

Other Resources mentioned in podcast:

Introvert or Extrovert? Here is a FREE tests you can check to find out – no sign up required: Jung Personality 

Movie: Inside Out

Parts Work:

  • Internal Family Systems by Richard Schwartz
  • Psychosynthesis by Robert Assagioli
  • Psychosynthesis work by John Firman and Ann Gila

Good Girl Meets Spiritually Awakened Woman by Nicole Burgess