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Terri Lance has been a psychologist in private practice for almost 15 years and was a middle school teacher prior to that. She is now working with individuals who want to take their challenges with health and weight into their own hands and find lasting positive results. She combines her knowledge of how our bodies work and interact with our environment, as well as our interpersonal and intrapersonal dynamics around health, weight, and self-care to empower people to heal and enjoy their bodies as healthy vehicles for life.

Helping folks to find a sustainable way of eating that supports their optimal health and weight outcomes without shaming and blaming.

Disclaimer: Terry is not a medical professional and not giving medical advice nor is she reading from medical textbook during our interview.

In this episode:

  • Terry shares her personal journey in focusing on health coaching
  • What are metabolic conditions-genetic vs nongenetic (PCOS, diabetes, etc)
  • How these conditions are linked to weight loss and weight gain
  • What Terry means “typical approach” vs “non-typical approach” to weight loss and metabolic conditions
  • Trends show an increase in diseases
  • Approx 85% what leads to our conditions is environmental vs genetic
  • What happens after people go through Biggest Loser type shows
  • Seeing our metabolism as our thermostat
  • Terry focuses on your hormones-insulin, leptin, and ghrelin
  • She shares how insulin works in our bodies
  • Ending the cycle of how often we eat and how insulin impacts our system
  • High levels of insulin lead to insulin resistance
  • Discussing lab results and potential damage occurring internally
  • Dementia and Alzehiemer’s increased risk with high AC1 levels
  • What helped Terry shift her thinking and making her change her behaviors
  • We have the ability to heal our own bodies
  • Terry’s bias of returning to ancestral roots-eating whole foods, eliminating inflammatory foods and ingredients
  • When and how often we eat
  • Reducing toxins you put on your body and many other tips from her personal practice
  • What is a Ketogenic Diet
  • Mind-Body-Spirit connection in her process

Other Resources:

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