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Jodie Gale is a soul-centred psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, and eating psychology coach. She is a leading specialist in women’s emotional, psychological and spiritual health and wellbeing.

Jodie has a wealth of personal and professional experience and knowledge in the field of addiction and eating disorders. She is the Disordered Eating Consultant for Byron Private Rehab, former Assistant Clinical Director at a Sydney Eating Disorder Outpatient Treatment Centre, an approved service provider for South Pacific Private Addiction and Mood Disorder Treatment Centre and is currently in post-graduate training and supervision with the Founder of Monte Nido Treatment Centre, Carolyn Costin.

Jodie works in private practice, treating eating disorders as well as other women’s issues in Manly on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.

In this episode:

  • Jodie shares her personal story of past eating disorder issues
  • She shares her “peak spiritual experience”
  • Her work with her psychosynthesis therapist
  • Jodie shares how she works with bulimia
  • What is psychosynthesis, her training in it and Assagioli as founder
  • It is a psychospiritual holistic approach-basement, ground floor and loft
  • Purpose of subpersonalities
  • Working toward self-acceptance of whole self
  • Jodie is a foster mom and shares how parenting from attachment theory impacts her professional work
  • Empathy and brain mirror neurons
  • “Body Feeling Mind” exercise
  • Building soul self/spiritual self
  • “Whatever your soul calls for do that…” for self-care
  • Nutrition and Exercise from Masculine
  • Nourishment and movement from Feminine
  • Jodie shares her meditative practice
  • How she worked through fears and self-worth issues
  • Changing her self-talk about envy in building her business
  • Managing criticism from others
  • Embracing working differently and incorporating spirituality into the healing process
  • Family disorder vs eating disorder
  • Jodie’s dream to meet Oprah-person who has inspired her

Other Resources:

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