Dr. Lourdes Viado is a depth psychologist, providing psychotherapy for adults in her private practice in Las Vegas NV,  as well as mentorship and consulting services to clients world-wide.

She uses a Jungian approach in her work with clients, integrating mindfulness, dream work, shadow work, metaphor, literature, poetry and astrology in her work with clients.

She is also the host of the Women In-Depth Podcast:  Conversations about the inner lives of women: what is feared, hidden, unknown, and uncomfortable.

In this episode:

  • Lourdes explains Astrology- there are different types
  • Astrology is a tool-what the possibilities are for you, self-knowledge
  • It “can give you a lot of helpful suggestions”
  • Three ways it can be helpful
  • Your chart has cycles-assist in helping you live what is most in alignment with your soul
  • Lourdes shares how she came upon Astrology and its impact on her life and path
  • Her love for Jungian psychology, symbolism and that blended well with Astrology
  • She has come full circle again Jupiter in Scorpio
  • “Astrology doesn’t take away the challenges but gives you the tools for understanding and being in them”
  • Nicole shares her experience of Lourdes reading her ideal client chart
  • Lourdes gives an example of how Astrology can assist with self-acceptance of all parts of self
  • The framework she works with is Evolutionary from Steven Forrest
  • She also brings in the practical when reading charts for people
  • Secondary layer to the chart-north node and south node-and your evolutionary purpose
  • Past lives or themes
  • North Node is the evolutionary cutting edge of your soul
  • South Node is where you get stuck or what drains you

Tips for finding an Astrologer:

  • When exploring for Astrology can the person translate-begin with their website or Youtube videos
  • Let the Astrologer know what you want to focus on if they do not have specific categories of reading

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