Nicole Burgess is a licensed psychotherapist and empowerment mentor to NF’s and HSP professional women.

She helps them end the overwhelm and stressed out cycle so that they can be more connected in relationships, thrive in life and create harmony both professionally and personally. It is possible to have both a successful business and a thriving life!

In this episode:

  • Beginning and ending your day with gratitude
  • Impacting your brain and rewiring connection
  • Dealing with the news stories
  • Positive Psychology and research on gratitude
  • Raising vibration levelKeri Nola discusses Shadow Word-Ep 8
  • Law of Attraction, the Universe, and God
  • Nicole share’s personal experiences of past jobs and the people she worked with
  • Quote from Ester and Jerry Hicks
  • Embracing your strengths as an introverted and sensitive person
  • Be the change you want to bring to the world

From Positive Psychology not mentioned in the episode

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