Amanda Hildebrant is a Relationship Coach focused on delivering high-quality growth experiences for women who want to create more freedom and strength in relationships. 

She draws upon her educational and professional experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner as well as a deep personal connection to the power of transforming our relationship skills to foster a deep sense of self-worth and connection by ensuring women remove blocks to intimacy.

Amanda specializes in developing self-worth, empowering strong communication skills, teaching how to both learn and enact healthy boundaries with others, as well as giving women an insightful understanding of past experiences and their own personal attachment style. 

Amanda uses a focus of mind-body skills and interventions to ensure clients have an integrated experience of these concepts and can execute them from a place of embodiment.

In this episode:

  • Amanda shares her personal journey to becoming a relationship coach
  • Amanda is a highly sensitive person (HSP)
  • What “research is me-search”  means
  • How Limiting Beliefs (ep 17) can impact you finding love
  • Dating relationships are like the “Olympics
  • One theme is “being someone else” vs “themselves” when dating
  • A common fear women have
  • What does “fail fast” mean?
  • What is somatic experience-developed by Peter Levine
  • Amanda shares boundary issue example and experiencing through the body
  • Learning to re-trust intuition and unlearning behaviors that no longer serve as an adult
  • Observing and practicing boundaries in small ways and work way to intimacy
  • Changes in the online dating world and its impact on the relational piece
  • Importance of reality testing in relationships
  • How our mind can “fill in the gap” when we read a profile
  • Slowing down in getting to know the person-“The Old Fashion Way”
  • Understanding your own attachment style and creating your owners manual
  • Self-awareness and self-reflection (ep1)
  • Heal relationships through relationship
  • Stepping into your vulnerability
  • Amanda shares her personal story of finding her partner and transforming her self-worth

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Topics covered in this group will pertain to mindsets, learning how to speak your truth, forgiveness, and moving forward in life with authenticity, confidence, and courage.