Doña Bumgarner is a coach, mama, and an introvert, who works with creative entrepreneurs who want to do meaningful work and also be awesome moms. They want to get out from under the guilt and overwhelm and find a little space for themselves again – but it feels impossible to balance all the pieces.

She helps them focus their time and energy so they can confidently pursue their passions, make a difference in the world AND be present and engaged moms. She loves to help women ditch their guilt, get back in control of their time and conquer their overwhelming to-do lists.

She also produces the podcast, Nurturing Habit, exploring the ways we can nurture ourselves more deeply so we have more to give to our work and our families.

In this episode:

  • Dona shares her journey of being a mom and her desire to work
  • Balance vs Harmony
  • She discusses the many factors that impact the balance to what mompreneurs want in their life
  • Tips for new moms or expecting moms and thinking of self-care on different levels
  • Introverted new momma self-care may need this and it is OKAY
  • Challenging the old tape playing in your mind
  • Removing mom guilt and shaming
  • Downtime is a necessity for highly sensitive mom (See Ep 9 for HSP traits)
  • Importance of Morning rituals and how it doesn’t start that morning
  • Having morning routines for your children can help them too
  • Various tools you can use to help with mornings
  • How structure keeps the calm vs creating chaos
  • Habit stacking
  • Dona shares what helps her stay organized
  • Communication is key to scheduling
  • The power of menu planning
  • Using apps for grocery stores

“Self-care is not static” by Doña

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But the truth is we can have both a successful business and thriving personal life.