Nicole Burgess is a licensed marriage and family therapist and women’s empowerment coach to NF’s and HSP professional women. She helps them end the overwhelm and stressed out cycle so that they can be more connected in relationships, thrive in life and create harmony both professionally and personally.  (This includes ending the hustle for self-worth, breaking free from the good girl mask and embracing their enoughness.)

In this episode:

  • Nicole shares survey results from a questionnaire she had back in October.
  • Fears around not understanding money, mishandling it, conflicts with a partner about managing finances and avoidance of looking at money.
  • One question asked was “How do you imagine your life would be different if you felt confident in managing your money?”
  • How comparison, procrastination, and lack of deciding impacts your money mindset.
  • Money is a tool. Energy exchanged. We can attach a story to it or let that story go.
  • In episode 17 I discuss how our beliefs are 80% formed by age 9 and create beliefs.
  • Episode 1 In order to make changes you need to have self-awareness then decide to do something about it to make changes.
  • Questions to ask yourself
  • Self-worth is not your net worth
  • Common theme that prevents women from being abundant is shame. Shame is often the stopper for women in owning their money story. Give yourself permission starting today to bring the shame into the light so it no longer has power over you.
  • Decide to take ACTION
  • Changing habits episode 5 with Hope Eden
  • Nicole sets a challenge
  • Creating your goals and the Why behind it
  • Affirmation and reframing your money self-talk
  • Celebrating your wins