Joan Sotkin is a prosperity and mindset coach, podcast host, and author. She uses a holistic approach, which means she looks at many internal aspects of you including physical, emotional, and spiritual health as well as the business and financial skills you need to acquire in order to succeed in a complex world.

In her coaching services, she teaches you brain science-based techniques for developing excellent decision-making skills. For over 30 years she has been helping entrepreneurs and professionals remove whatever is blocking them from reaching their business, financial and personal goals.

Her podcast is The Prosperity Show. She has many ebooks available with one of them being “Build Your Money Muscles”.

In this episode:

  • Joan shares her journey in how she became a prosperity and mindset coach
  • She shares going from making $50,000 per month to bankruptcy
  • How attending co-dependence anonymous group changed a family rule for her
  • How emotions impact prosperity, health, and business
  • Are your habits serving you or keeping you stuck
  • The “glitch” with your identity or self-concepts (ep 17 on limiting beliefs)
  • Brain science-creating new neural pathways
  • Cultural beliefs around women and money
  • Joan states removing words and phrases such as “can’t” and “don’t know” from your vocabulary
  • Make a DECISION to change your relationship with money
  • Develop a habit to look at your budget, P&L, managing your money, and cash flow for your business
  • We are “taught to worry”
  • Joan shares using self-compassion and her spiritual director helped her break the habit of negative thinking
  • Questions to ask yourself about your decisions making process
  • Joan uses “feeling goals” vs “doing goals”
  • Common theme in her coaching group is Shame
  • You can choose how you want to feel
  • “There is nothing wrong with you that needs fixing.” It is changing a habit. Learning new skills.
  • Questions to ask yourself to release the shame around money

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