Nicole Burgess, previously an Accountant, discusses various resources to raise awareness on your upper earnings limiting beliefs and practical money management tools to get out of debt, learn about investing and planning for your retirement.

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In this episode:

  • In episode 34 I asked some questions for you to get curious about your beliefs around money, reviewed answers to a survey I conducted back in Oct of 2018, and a common theme of feeling shame.
  • In episode 35 guest Joan Sotkin shared her journey in mastering her finances and her work with others in healing their shame around money.
  • For many HSP money is not a driving force (which we talk a little more about next week) yet if you have debt, are not putting money aside for your future, then you are getting in your own way. As Barbara says there is no prince charming coming to the rescue. 
  • Do you put a ceiling on how much you can potentially earn? Both Gay Hendricks and Barbara Hudson talk about this. 
  • Learn to forgive yourself, your parents, society.

Practical tools

  • Dave Ramsey’s books and podcast: zero-based based budgeting to get out of debt
  • Suze Orman-talks about wills, estate planning, and investing
  • Certified Financial Planner-go through rigorous testing.
  • Two ways to work with a CFP: One-time fee or monthly percentage
  • Financial planner go to National Association of Personal Financial Advisors 

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