Danielle Klemm is a Business Coach and Marketing Strategist. Danielle began her business after losing both her biological Mom and stepmom from Cancer before she graduated high school.

This made her focus on helping ladies to discover the “how to” of turning their dreams into reality, as her specialty is taking the “terror” out of tech terror.

Today, Danielle helps coaches and healers convert leads, land clients, and make more money. Through speaking, coaching, and creating content all around these topics, she’s helped dozens of women find their clarity and make strides in their business.

In this episode:

  • Danielle shares the top two fears for female entrepreneurs around social media and marketing
  • Danielle shares tips for Instagram, doing an intro post, and the why behind it
  • #1 thing to do for social media and why
  • She shares the different social media platforms and picking one or two to go deep into that specific platform
  • Who is your audience and where do they hang out
  • Preventing burn out
  • Know your numbers and where are you getting more engagement
  • Get feedback from your customers and use their language
  • Taking action increases confidence vs staying behind fear
  • Danielle shares her group coaching program to support female entrepreneurs
  • She discusses developing a relationship with those who engage with your platforms
  • Scheduling time to engage and post
  • Finding the sweet spot for your business vs the extremes of being on social media
  • Gain understanding of how to create your messages and can outsource pieces or the whole whatever works for your business
  • Progress over perfection-listen here to break your limiting beliefs
  • Being authentic and vulnerable in your marketing
  • She shares who have inspired her as an entrepreneur
  • You need to make the offer and sell the services you provide otherwise your followers don’t know

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