Lore is a professional psychic, past-life expert, licensed psychotherapist, spiritual teacher, believer in the healing forces of nature, an alchemist, adventurer, and hopeless fan of House Hunters International.

She lives in Miami Beach with the love of her life and their 3 cats who should technically be named itchy, hungry, and holy-terror.

Lore works with established professionals and entrepreneurs who are moved to create greater meaning in their life and work, who are tired of hitting invisible walls standing in the way of their personal and professional aspirations, and who are looking for an alternative solution.

Her mission is to motivate and inspire others to experience the joy of knowing themselves at soul-level.

Lore reads energy and helps people process and release what is no longer serving them from both a present and past-life perspective.  Her craft allows her to dig up and uncover the unseen which allows my clients to get down to the root of the problem versus scrapping at symptoms.  I am a master diagnoser of problems whether it be around health, wealth, or relationships. Reading souls also allows me to teach people who they are at soul-level, their true self versus who they think they should be or are based solely on their experiences.

In this episode:

  • Lore shares her journey is no longer living under the “shoulds” and more at a soul level
  • Feeling the fear and taking action anyway
  • Living in alignment
  • Exploring past lives-where we get stuck
  • What is Karma
  • Why Lore does past life look up especially for women
  • She shares how she got into spiritual work starting with teens
  • What is akashic records
  • How to work with your Akashic record
  • Lore works with entrepreneurs and business owners
  • How she continues to fine tune her craft
  • Why Lore began reading more historical information
  • Discerning spiritual mentors
  • Learning about your purpose at soul level

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