Suzy Rosenstein loves her second career as a Master Certified Life Coach and also as an Instructor at The Life Coach School. 

Suzy has always been attracted to helping people. She holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Social Psychology and has decades of combined experience in health education, communication, health promotion, and life coaching.

Suzy has first-hand knowledge of how critical it is to get perspective on your thinking, especially when dealing with transitioning into being an empty nester. She helps midlife women see that this phase of life is just the beginning, rather than the end, so they can confidently figure out what they want and actually create it for themselves with no regrets.

In this episode-Empty Nester:

  • Suzy shares her journey in re-awakening and her process after losing her corporate job.
  • How hiring a coach helped her move forward faster in her desire and gaining insights into her own behaviors
  • How coaching school helped her discern between fear that is imagined and what is real
  • Suzy shares two common fears about preparing to launch your teenager
  • Child’s perspective vs Parent perspective when becoming an empty nester
  • Life School coaching program taught paying attention to your own thoughts and what you are making it mean
  • Embracing different in life’s changes
  • Fear and panic around parenting and your child leaving the nest
  • Life lessons conversations
  • Suzy shares some conversation topics to have with your teenager (check out Launching Your Daughter for more topics)
  • How you learn about your expectations as a parent when your child is off at college
  • Practice trust and letting go
  • Talking to your young adult about budgeting
  • Doing visualization of the life you want to have and create
  • Having ground rules and boundaries in your home when your young adult comes home
  • Regret proofing your life-3 main areas
  • Self-reflection (episode 1)
  • Shifting your thoughts from fearful to more self-compassionate
  • Suzy shares her self-care practices during the transition
  • Giving yourself permission to dream again

By Suzy Rosenstein

“Decide about what emotional experience you want to have on purpose”

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