Nicole Burgess is a licensed psychotherapist and Empowerment Coach to high achieving and sensitive professional women. She helps them end the overwhelmed and stressed out cycle, create a balance that works for them, so they can thrive and blaze their own trails.

Listen in to this episode to hear how it is possible to rewrite your inner story and be the heroine. Because you are brave and an amazing woman!

In this episode:

  • Psychiatrist Carl Jung-1st half, midlife, and 2nd half
  • Operant conditioning-neuroscience
  • Beliefs into subconscious prior to age 9 (Episode 17)
  • Many often live in a trance in the unconscious
  • Raising self-awareness and contemplation (Episode 1)
  • Midlife unraveling (Episode 23)
  • Repeating the same narrative the same thoughts day in and day out
  • When you were tapped into your higher self often referred to as your soul in touch with God in touch with the universe the vertical channel of direct downloading of direct hits information to guide you in your life
  • You are your own storyteller
  • With thousands of women that I have worked with over the years, we’ve done a lot of rewriting those inner stories
  • They have woken up from their trances and begun to create a life that is meaningful to them that is put them on their purpose
  • That is in alignment with their values and to their soul
  • Where are your thoughts focused? I can’t, I’ll try, I doubt or more positive thinking
  • Becoming intentional with your thinking
  • As a shared in the good girl episode when we are living outside of ourselves and breaking free from persona
  • HSPs spiritual connection
  • Victim mindset
  • Role of ego and fear
  • You have the ability to truly rewrite your own story no you can’t change the past and the future hasn’t been written yet so if you are ready to rewrite your own story to live more in alignment with your soul with your true calling then set up your breakthrough call todayI
  • Be the leader in your own life be your own heroine

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” Carl Jung