Lauren Selfridge is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist living with Multiple Sclerosis. She is the host of “This Is Not What I Ordered,” an interview podcast on full-hearted living with chronic illness and health challenges.

Lauren believes that difficult experiences with our bodies are an invitation to deepen and enrich our lives and develop even more conscious relationships with ourselves.

She loves supporting folks living with health challenges to shine the light of their unique gifts, passions, and personalities in the world, and to create lives of meaning after diagnosis. Life with MS hasn’t been an easy path for Lauren, but it’s been a good one.

In this episode:

  • Lauren shares her personal journey since receiving her diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Going from challenges (Dark night of the soul), feeling the feels and seeing opportunities
  • Grieving stage after being diagnosed with chronic illness or health challenge
  • Lauren shares being a “big fan of denial” until you are ready to feel the feelings
  • Grieving is part of the journey-“like an emotional boot camp”-builds resiliency
  • Vulnerability, being in the messiness of feelings and still being the leader in her life
  • Living with intention
  • Lauren shares ways on how she serves her heart, her self-care and being in flow
  • Need for connection is important for those living with chronic illness
  • Removing the stigma around chronic illness, mental health illness or differences in general
  • Lauren shares how a friend’s words helped her when she was diagnosed
  • Focusing on what she does well which supports her in moments of “what-ifs” and fears
  • First half of life living (looking outside yourself-external locus of control-the shoulds and personas) to second half of life living (looking within-internal locus of control)
  • What do I want for me vs what does everyone else want for me? Change your inner story (episode 47)
  • Being a joy consultant with women
  • Her favorite way to deal with symptoms of brain fog, dizziness, and fatigue
  • Using mindfulness and having some playfulness with her symptoms
  • Marco Polo App

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